TMJ Video

About the video


The video that you are about to see is a real-life traumatic TMD captured on film.

Briefly, Chris Hoiles, the Oriole catcher was struck in the side of his helmet by the back swing of a batter. Mr. Hoiles commented he didn’t really know what happened to him (he was stunned). Then he explained he was hit in the side of the head and he complains of headaches and jaw pain. (The Temporalis Muscle when injured contracts, elevating the lower jaw, hence his headache and jaw pain). His wife then commented that the doctor said there was nothing wrong and he was being taken to the emergency room of a hospital for a C.A.T. Scan.

Listening closely, victims of many motor vehicle accidents (MVA’s) exhibit these exact same complaints.

  • They were stunned and don’t really know what happened to them in the accident.
  • They complained of headaches after the accident (or had whiplash injury.)
  • They went to an emergency room and had negative C.A.T. Scan and neurological tests and were discharged with instructions to follow up with their family doctor.
  • A TMD injury was not even suspected.

Typically, this patient goes home, continue with their normal activities (yelling at children, singing in church, chewing gum,…) and exacerbates this injury to the point where in a few days they are suffering from terrible headaches.

This is how a typical TMD occurs:



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